"I had a number of past injuries over the years (sports injuries, car and work accidents and Dr. Lee did a wonderful job of unwinding the different issues. Her muscle testing and other diagnostic techniques are very accurate. She also helped my wife and daughter."

Ira Hilf, Chemist/Engineer, Fremont

"I have been a patient of Dr. Marjorie Lee for more than 15 years. As a Captain on the Contra Costa Fire Department, I have sustained several injuries requiring extensive care. I always turn to Dr. Lee without hesitation, for help because she uses the state of the art treatments. I have been able to continue working. Best of all, I continue working without pain."

Fire Captain Lowell Ellis, Castro Valley

"I have been a patient of Dr. Marjorie Lee for a number of years and her care and treatment have helped me with the effects of aging. Quantum Neurology® is quite amazing. I am able to hold my adjustments better than previous treatments. The most astonishing thing is that my arthritic wrists and thumbs no longer give me the excruciating pain which I used to have. I was told by my medical doctor to "learn to live" with the pain. I'm thrilled to have only the mildest discomfort, and that only on occasion."

S.H., Oakland

"Dr. Lee's work is very effective. She helped me heal from a very painful bulging disc in my neck much more rapidly than I expected. Dr. Lee also gave me exercises to do that were extremely helpful."

Phil Diehl, Mortgage Consultant, San Anselmo

"Dr. Lee's integrated approach helps me on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. She has helped me manage and release a lot of stress, fear and anger in my life. I go to Dr. Lee regularly as a foundation for keeping my body, mind and spirit energized, especially during times when my work and life are stressful. Also, my back and neck have never had better health than when I've gone to Dr. Lee."

Thea Maestre, Chair Education Dept. Holy Names University, Oakland

"Dr. Lee's mastery of chiropractic repatterning has helped me recover from a slipped vertebra in my neck, which was causing numbness in my left hand. After one painless treatment with Dr. Lee, the numbness went away. Her gentle way of handling my spine has never caused me any pain. I have benefited greatly from her nutritional recommendations and feel much more active. Among her energy healing techniques, I have tried IET, biogenesis, transbioenergy and Dr. Gentry's static electricity removal. I have found all of these to be spiritually beneficial. If find her to be a very open healing practitioner who will work with me as a participant in my own healing process. I respect a doctor who can respect me."

Maria Omo, Kensington

"I am really grateful for all of the haling work Dr. Lee has done. She worked on me through my pregnancy with energy medicine, nutrition, and chiropractic. It was great to be worked on in all three areas by one practitioner. Her work made a wonderful difference!"

S.T., San Geronimo

"My family and I count on Dr. Lee for everything from basic physical adjustments to energetic work that helps keep us all in balance on all levels. Dr. Lee does wonderful work (or should I say magic), and I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped me stay pain free and centered - even at the level of subtle energies. Very beautiful work."

Mark S., Children's Software Designer, Alameda

"I believe there are times in our lives when we need assistance on a level that is beyond the physical, emotional or psychological. In working with Marjorie, I found access to my own energy and the healing power within. After battling systemic lupus for 3 years, I found myself looking for a shift on a deeper level that would help me help myself. It takes the knowledge and experience of an extraordinary individual to help you get in touch with the healing powers. I know that I have greatly benefited from the treatments and highly recommend Marjorie's work.

Aann Golemac, Alameda

"Thanks to Marjorie Lee, DC and the Psych-K treatment for weight loss I can finally say t hat my weight is not an issue an longer. At 64, I feel and look great. I do not crave food under stress, as a comfort, or just to be eating. I truly "want" to eat healthy and do.

The last 40 years I have been fighting with my weight. There was not a diet or exercise program that I have not been on at one time or another. I would lose weight and then it would gradually come back again. I kept saying that I never wanted to look like my mother (heavy like she was) and each year I looked more and more like her. When I started seeing Marjorie, about 25 years ago, I asked her to let me know when she had a healing for weight loss and I kept asking and asking every time I saw her.

Christmas 2007 I weighed 174 (5'4" tall) my highest weight ever. In February 2008, Marjorie told me that she had a new program that could clear the issues in my subconscious that were keeping me from losing weight. She was not exaggerating at all. The week after our session I started losing weight and wasn't even trying. With a "little effort" I have lost 30 pounds.

I say little effort because in the past I would have to really work out and struggle for 45 days before I saw any results. With Psych-K, the results started showing before I started trying.

The big test was in June. There was a big family gathering with my husband, my siblings, my 4 children and 10 grandchildren that lasted 10 days away from home. It was stressful and I never wanted to use food as a comfort (unheard of for me). I ate some of everything, pigged out on nothing, and weighed the same 143 pounds when I returned home.

The "F" word is not in my vocabulary anymore. My new motto is "Thin within, thin without, my metabolism is working out."

The truly amazing part is that I truly believe that I will never have a weight problem again. My subconscious and my conscious self are in sync.

Thank you, Marjorie; you have given me access to the greatest healing ever...a true gift."

Carol Madding