The Doctor

Dr. Marjorie Lee, D.C.

1972 Graduated from Sonoma State University with B.A. in Anthropology

1986 Graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with Doctor of Chiropractic- Magna Cum Laude

How I Became Interested in Chiropractic!

It was my own personal journey toward wellness that catapulted my life toward becoming a chiropractor. Health problems from the time I was thirteen introduced me to chiropractic for relief of severe headaches and an uncontrollable twitching of my neck and head. When I was sixteen, I was challenged by a myriad of allergies that conventional medicine was not able to help. Throughout my early adult life I coped with allergies and fatigue that made it almost impossible to work a full day. These challenges opened me to discovering the benefits of good nutrition and natural supplements which alleviated most of my allergies.

Prior to my studies of chiropractic healing, my intensive studies of hatha yoga (Iyengar) and the body led me to study various forms of bodywork. I have studied shiatsu, orthobionomy, jin shin do, jin shin jyutsu, esalen and swedish massaage. Before entering chiropractic college I worked for doctors, a physical therapist and exercise physiologist treating their patients who were injured from accidents or recovering from surgery with these gentle effective therapies.

After more than twenty two years of practice I still continue to study and to learn new modalites and techniques that will benefit my patients. I offer a unique blend of gentle chiropractic techniques and alternative holistic therapies. During the chiropractic adjustments, there is no twisting, turning, cracking or popping of joints. Gentle instrument contacts on the body realigns and releases deep tension and strain in the body.